Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are (no spoilers but you may want to wait till after see it)


I went to the 4th screening in the world!

This is why I think this is one of the best movies of the decade...

The way the film is approached has the potential to revolutionize the children's genre (and yes Roy, someone will follow him eventually, even if it takes 40 years like with Vashti Bunyan and freak folk). The film respects children by discussing with them, not talking down to them. The problem with Pixar movies and other conventional children's films (Don't get me wrong I love pixar..) is that they talk down to the viewer, assuming stupidity and just telling you what to think. There's an easy story and a clear cut moral in the end. What Wild Things does is it presents a situation but it doesn't tell you what to think. It just makes you aware of its existence, and the rest is yours. Wild Things is a rare type of film that actually asks you to interact with it by THINKING for yourself and coming to conclusion. A lot of people are going to hate this approach because a lot of people go to the movies for fun and/or escapism (which I don't have a problem with... I do it sometimes too). The point is, don't go into this expecting a Pixar movie.

Next step away from Pixar: This film is darker than any Pixar film. Basically, it presents the idea that children actually experience the same pain we do. It explains that although adult pains have more complexity, children feel equal amounts of pain. We all have the same core emotions of fear, confusion, and frustration deeply rooted within us...
This film is for both Children AND Parents. It's something children can connect with and learn from, and it's something parents can learn about there children from. 
I have plenty more to say but I'm going to stop here. Sorry if there are grammatical errors I just sort of free-wrote this. If you disagree after you watch, please tell me. ENJOY.

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