Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paper Heart: An underrated film

Paper Heart, B+

I was scared going into this but I loved it. Cera’s awkward act is just annoying now however most other people in this film were excellent. Charlyne wasn’t very charming at first however by the end you really felt for her, I was overcome by sadness watching her I connected with her a lot. The actor playing Jasenovec did a fantastic job he and Charlyne had amazing chemistry. This film wasn’t cinematic, it didn’t follow a structure, it didn’t please you in the way other recent similar films did (Away We Go, (500) Days of Summer). The faux-documentary style made it feel completely and totally real. The film wasn’t as powerful as the other two quirky indie comedies I mentioned above as a whole however it had extremely powerful moments that have the potential to put you in tears.
That was more general, so my little commentary on the actual subjects of the film. I think the documentary crew and the way they reacted to it very successfully embodied the relationship between our personal relationships and society. Many lines of dialogue about how hard it is to always have people watching what you do and trying to force you along the typical path. There’s a part in the trailer that really brought this out in the film when fake Jasenovec runs over and tells Cera to put his arm around her.

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