Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heathers: A phenomenal black comedy / teen movie satire

Heathers, A

What a phenomenal hilarious satire of teen comedies! I find it to be especially pleasing since I'll be watching a John Hughes movie tomorrow night at Northeastern University Film Enthusiasts' Club!! This film is potentially taking shots at John Hughes movies and others of similar nature. At first I wrote unmistakably (rather than "potentially") however I'm not sure the Hughes films fall prey to the specific things criticized in Heathers. My favorite is the general premise during which the lead character, your typical angsty high school girl (played hilariously by Winona Ryder), falls for the bad boy who makes her lose control. Normally this means that he convinces her into sex and the punishment is she gets pregnant. In Heathers, it means she murders people. Yeah, the film is pretty damn extreme. The costumes are hilarious and ridiculous, as is the dialogue. My favorite moment at the beginning sums up the experience of the film: the bad boy, played by Christian Slater, seems to be about to fight two jock assholes who are insulting him. Instead of pulling out his fists he pulls out a gun and shoots... we find out moments later that they were blanks. This movie is shocking, funny, and completely out of its mind. However, it's still overwhelmingly intelligent.

Should you see it?
Would you want to see a movie in which all your high school exaggerations are acted out?
The motto of the film: Death to the popular kids!

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