Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hello! Quite simply, I'm sick of reading movie reviews so I'm going to write my own the way I want them to be. I like to just free write and not edit. I think it's really cool to put something out as if you're saying it. Editing can remove personality from the piece so I tend to stay away. I'll try my very hardest to not making any spelling or grammar errors! Feel free to "stalk" my art opinions and viewpoints at my twitter, facebook or mubi all linked below.
speaking of, expect entries about the use of the term stalk in terms of facebook and also about mubi!
Moving forward, I plan on posting everything on mubi or facebook as well as on the blog at least at the beginning to help grow readership. In the future I hope to have a more sophisticated website and more writers... only if there are readers who want that!

ALSO, will be posting all my old (recent) pieces. Off the top of my head this is an end of the year list in 2009 &10, and a bunch of reviews (or snippet reviews) on mubi over the last year (including a bunch from Sundance 2010!). In the works I'm working on (like a huge super nerd) watching every in competition film from Sundance 2010 (to be realistic just the domestic 32 not foreigns) and making MY jury decisions (plus a ranking of the top 8!). 


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