Sunday, September 11, 2011

Netflix Instant Watch: Louie, Season one

Louie season one, B+

“Written and directed by comic Louis C.K. -- who plays a fictionalized version of himself -- this FX series eschews sitcom structure for a loose format that lets single dad Louie be his irascible self -- through vignettes, club performances and more.” – Netflix

This Emmy-nominated TV show uses its unusual structure to both humorously and honestly examine ordinary issues like weight gain and exercise, middle-aged dating, and, most importantly and poignantly, raising children as a single parent. Watch this if you're looking for something that's short, light, and funny, but not silly and stupid. It will play with your mind and your heart without bringing down your day. 

The season has 13 episodes of about 20 minutes each. Louie continued for a second season, which received more acclaim than the first. FX has already approved Louie for a third season of 13 episodes, which I infer will begin in June 2012.


The 2008 Louis C.K. stand-up movie Louis C.K.: Chewed Up is also on Instant Watch. Better than that however, is Louis C.K.: Hilarious which is available on DVD. I saw Hilarious at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Take a look at the Sundance guide's description of the film:

With a simple “Hello, everybody,” television writer and stand-up comedian Louis C.K. opens his latest live show, Hilarious. This harmless salutation is the least-controversial thing that comes out of Louis C.K.’s mouth as he turns rants on everyday subjects (impatient people, his weight, fatherhood) into hilarious, expletive-laden diatribes where nothing is sacred—not even (gasp!) his children. Who else can name-check Ray Charles and Adolph Hitler in the same breathand elicit a chorus of raucous laughter?
Louis C.K. says what’s on his mind, even at the risk of offending, but his “I don’t give a f**k” attitude makes his irreverent brand of humor especially endearing and relatable. His self-deprecating style elevates his filmed live show to a form of therapy, where we, too, can get comic relief from some pretty warped subjects. At one point, Louis C.K. asks, “Where do you draw the line?” With him, there is no line. – Sundance Film Festival

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