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On Frozen (Re-post from

Re-post from on 11/27/2013.


Frozen is the new animated film from Disney about two princess sisters. The older sister, Elsa, has a strange power of creating ice, which she has little control over. Then there are unusual magical creatures, gorgeous shots of ice, romantic sub-plots and a sibling conflict. There’s little need to detail the plot—that’s not why you would go see Frozen.

The animation in Frozen is stunningly beautiful, especially when Elsa is creating with ice. The 3D is also very good, being properly used as a tool for fun, beauty, and visual depth. The morality is fairly typical of Disney, with a penchant for familial support, however there are some surprises in there I won’t spoil. Unfortunately, the writing felt a little half-baked. Transitions don’t always feel quite right, and certain moments felt rushed. An early sequence involving Elsa and her parents felt like something the filmmakers “had” to do but didn’t enjoy for a second. It reminded me of how UP was able to accomplish a deeply emotional opening sequence in the same amount of screen time, but Frozen seems to lack UP’s care and intense feelings. I get the vibe that they didn’t take enough time with this film, but the seeds of something very good are there.

If you like Disney, this one is worth seeing. If Disney is not your thing, I wouldn’t bother.

Grade: B/B-

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